Fancy a meeting? 

Let us embark on an adventure of exploring each other's bodies. But before the grand departure, first it is important to settle the fine details. Please note that as I am a full time student, advanced planning is essential so as to ensure we can both focus on enjoying each other :) I generally respond to all inquiries within the hour. 

Feel free to submit a message below and I very much look forward to responding to you...


1 hour: 500

90 min: 750

2 hours: 1000

Dinner date (up to 3 hours): 1150

Date night (up to 5 hours): 1800

Overnight: 3500

24 blissful hours: 5000 


The Finer Details

Please note that I generally ask for a deposit before bookings. These are transferrable (yet non-refundable) if a cancellation occurs at least 24 hours before our rendezvous, and can be utilized within one month of our date to plan another. This is to ensure that you value my time as much as I value yours :)